Steve Matous

maintenance & display

Thanks to his background in computer science, Steve brings a fresh perspective to the RJ Thomas team with his work on the showroom floor. Steve received his degree from I.T.T Tech and is fascinated by the parallels between the design and coding worlds. Both, he says, require that the correct pieces to be put together in order for the big picture to function properly.

Steve’s work at RJ Thomas includes assisting Alane with visual scenes throughout the showroom as well as aiding sales associates and supplementing customer service. His favorite part about working with design professionals? Getting to see through the designer’s eyes and trying to emulate their designs in his own work.

Quick Q&A with Steve

What do you consider a timeless design trend?

Wooden flooring and natural materials such as oak furniture, granite worktops and exposed beams because they are far less likely to go out of fashion.

Of all you own, what is your favorite piece of furniture?

A traditional display cabinet that was passed down from my grandmother. I just remember growing up and seeing all of the cool knick-knacks – it brings back memories.

Describe your personal style.

Modern with a hint of traditional.

How would a designer describe you?

Careful, friendly, efficient and hardworking.

What is your biggest design pet peeve?

Too many pillows on beds and sofas, pictures and mirrors hung too high and poor lighting.

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