Lynn Jones

design consultant

A lifelong love for arts and aesthetics inspired Lynn Jones to pursue a college degree, focused on art, art history and design. Lynn’s career in Retail Management seamlessly segued into the high-end interior design industry in 2004, and she’s never looked back.

With a penchant for research and problem-solving, Lynn is a valuable teammate to any designer. Her favorite part of designing is becoming completely immersed in the creative process. Lynn is completely in her element at RJ Thomas, always eager to collaborate with other talented designers and find the perfect, distinct piece for every space.

Quick Q&A with Lynn

What do you consider a timeless design trend?

Attention to details. Every detail adds a little to the overall composition.

Of all you own, what is your favorite piece of furniture?

A graceful little side table a friend gave me many years ago. I treasure it for its sentimental value, simplicity and good design.

Describe your personal style.

Classic yet modern. My preference is understated furniture pieces with architectural lines.

How would a designer describe you?

Patient, determined, easy to work with and having a thorough understanding of a designer’s vision.

What is your biggest design pet peeve?

Furniture that is the wrong proportion for the room.

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