Connie Meconi

design consultant

Filled with boundless energy and enthusiasm for all things design, Connie has decades of experience. She spent over 15 years as a designer, trend sourcing specialist and customer service representative for Masco and was also a design consultant for a variety of brands at Baker. Design runs in the family. Her mother, a local interior designer, is a favorite collaborator of Connie’s and together they have worked on countless residential and commercial projects.

In 2000, Connie was part of a select design team that designed interiors of four restored Victorian homes and two carriage houses in Midtown Detroit. These became The Inn On Ferry Street and the team behind the $12 million restoration was awarded a National Trust Honor Award for its efforts.

At RJ Thomas, Connie is the consummate listener, who lets designers explain their needs before diving in with guidance on floor plans, layouts, color schemes and historic restoration. She appreciates each designers’ individuality and unique perspective and works hard to earn their trust and build strong working relationships.

Quick Q&A with Connie

What do you consider a timeless design trend?

A good designer! Trends come and go, but most of the designers I work with end up creating their own new trends and don’t follow others.

Of all you own, what is your favorite piece of furniture?

A sofa and chair that my dad’s parents purchased when he was just a baby. It has beautiful carved wood on the base and along the arms, and I’ve recovered it in mohair. It’s been in our family for over 75 years.

Describe your personal style.

There are so many design styles I love, from Art Deco to Shabby Chic to 18th Century, but my favorite is to do something traditional and add something new to it.

How would a designer describe you?

Knowledgeable, helpful, full of ideas and a true people person who has a lot of fun getting the job done.

What is your biggest design pet peeve?

Calling it a couch. It’s a sofa!

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