Barb Lange

Office Manager

Design and fine furnishings have always been a mainstay of Barb Lange’s career. She worked in the showroom of one of the first tenants in the Michigan Design Center and spent 16 more years working for a high-end interior design firm. Though she’s lent her accounting and management talents to other industries, her love of the design industry draws her back and keeps her inspired.

With tireless tenacity and a perpetual knack for problem-solving, Barb is an essential asset to the RJ Thomas team. She’s devoted to managing workflow and streamlining the flow of orders throughout the system so every interaction is smooth and seamless.

Quick Q&A with Barb

Of all you own, what is your favorite piece of furniture?

A small side chair that was passed down to me from my mother.

Describe your personal style

Definitely transitional.

What is your biggest design pet peeve?

Colors that don’t flow throughout the home and pictures that are hung too high.

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