Allison Mullins

Customer Service Representative

Allison makes it her daily mission to go above and beyond the expected, and her dedication to the craft is evident in everything she touches. Her multi-faceted role at RJ Thomas includes answering incoming calls, order entry, tracking, updates, follow up, deposits, balances, freight claims and collaborating with warehouses for incoming shipments. Above all else, Allison is the consummate problem solver who loves to help and is well-equipped to handle any issue that comes her way. And always with a smile.

As she works her way toward a degree in interior design, Allison has immersed herself in the industry. Before joining RJ Thomas, she was at Robert Allen/Duralee. Working directly with design professionals, she plays an integral part in helping designers move their projects from start to finish, and she loves seeing the creative process and ideas as they come to life.

Quick Q&A with Allison

What do you consider a timeless design trend?

Incorporating natural materials – stone, wood, etc. – add a timeless appearance and age beautifully.

Of all you own, what is your favorite piece of furniture?

A wooden rocking chair that was given to my mom when I was born. I love the story behind it and the amazing craftsmanship. The details within the woodwork are impeccable.

Describe your personal style.

Definitely eclectic. My favorites styles are modern, vintage and bohemian, and I love combining them to create a vibrant environment filled with personality.

How would a designer describe you?

Outgoing, bubbly, hardworking and efficient.

What is your biggest design pet peeve?

Wrong furniture proportions – that can ruin a really good design.

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