Alane Thomas

vice president & general manager

It’s in Alane’s nature to be proactive and troubleshoot before trouble even begins. This common sense approach coexists easily with her limitless creativity. It doesn’t take long to see Alane is equally comfortable helping designers discover new design ideas as she is remerchandising the showroom floor or handling the business side of RJ Thomas. Alane seamlessly shifts from right-brain to left-brain, which makes her an asset to the company each day. And her eye for design ensures the showroom is a showpiece at all times.

After graduating from Wayne State University with a degree in Interior Design, Alane spent over 20 years in sales at Creative Collections at Lacoff’s. She now functions as the Vice President/General Manager of RJ Thomas, acting as a product consultant, buyer, merchandiser and beyond. Her comprehensive knowledge and expertise make her an invaluable resource to designers and colleagues alike.

Quick Q&A with Alane

What do you consider a timeless design trend?

White trim and animal prints. The longer I am in this business the more I see “old” styles becoming “new” again.

Of all you own, what is your favorite piece of furniture?

Not fair! Too many quirky pieces, including the $5 chair, the small ottoman with large lion paws, the Van Thiel reproduction pieces, rattail sideboard, tinkers cabinet … too many to list.

Describe your personal style.


How would a designer describe you?

Hopefully professional, easy to work with and knowledgeable about the product.

What is your biggest design pet peeve?

Hanging artwork too high.

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